TF 216 - Turafalle liquido per radiatori CARCOS GROUP

TF 216 - Liquid leak stopper for radiators

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TF 216 is a liquid leak stopper for radiators which guarantees 100% safe application: that is to say that its use does not lead to blockages which could damage the radiator. The product is highly qualified, and it also does not affect the water temperature. When applied, the leak stopper forms a thin and light, but very resistant plastic sheath on the small leaks and cracks that cause leaks and infiltrations.

The product does not corrode metals or rubber parts. To obtain a good result, after having poured the product, the heating must be activated, with the engine running, for approx. 15 minutes. The 250 ml of TF 216 are sufficient for approx. 15 litres, therefore for 2 interventions.
Shake well before use.

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