CARCOS 2580 - Teflon Spray CARCOS GROUP

CARCOS 2580 - Teflon Spray

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A non-oily, anti-adhesive, extremely tough and water-repellent dry release agent and lubricant, heat resistant up to +350°C. It has exceptional protective properties and can be used on various materials such as: metal, plastic, rubber and wood. Particularly suitable for the anti-adhesive treatment of molds for rubber and plastic materials and as a dry lubricant on equipment and precision mechanisms for parts in contact with acids, atmospheric agents, alkalis and solvents.

 Non-oily dry lubricant
• Highly heat resistant
• Outstanding protective properties

After shaking the can well before use, spray the product from approx. 20 cm away on clean and dry surfaces. After a few seconds, a light white film with exceptional release and lubricating properties will appear.

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